Tuesday, May 26, 2009

The route we hope to take to Fairbanks

I have been asked by some followers of the route we will be taking to Alaska. Except where we have to, I am trying to avoid the interstate highway system. Breaking this rule right away is the I-74 out of Indianapolis on the first day, just to get some miles under our belt without worrying about getting lost. The trip for the most part I just laid a yardstick down on a big map, one end on Indy and the other on Fairbanks, Alaska, and drew a straight line. I will now attempt to insert a Google Map. It is interactive, so you can zoom and move it around and even switch from road map to terrain if you want.

View Directions to Fairbanks, AK in a larger map

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  1. Larry --- Like the map idea .. and we are just testing the adding of a comment.