Wednesday, June 23, 2010

2010 Motorcycle Trip around Lake Superior it's been a long time since I said that this blog was not going to be continued, but I changed my mind. After all, this site has my name attached and it should be easy for whoever is following to catch up with me.

The big trip this year (on the motorcycles) will be for Kevin and I to ride counterclockwise around Lake Superior. We will start in Indianapolis once again, riding straight north to Sault St. Marie where we will cross into Canada once again. Kevin is sort of apprehensive about crossing the Mackinaw Bridge, and, to tell you the truth, I am getting some pucker factor thinking about it also.

I am not sure if we will be bringing a computer this year....last year my laptop took a beating and now is very unreliable during boot up. I like to blame the trip to Prudhoe Bay for it. I do have a new netbook, one of the tiny screen jobs, and have just not decided if I want to sacrifice it to the saddlebag gods or not.

MUCH LATER.....I have been remiss in adding to the blog, but the Lake Superior trip is now in the books. although it did not have the scope that last year's Alaska trip did, it was quite nice, even when Kevin broke his clutch cable and I had to push him to get him started for over 600 kilometers. I really did get my exercise, and Kevin got another lesson on how to overcome maladies while on the road with 2 wheels.

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