Friday, December 3, 2010

My Rides

Upon re-reading the latest entry to this blog, I realized that I have added another bike, this one taking place of the Gold Wing. This one, the silver one in the picture, is a Honda, a 2010 NT700V. The bike has ABS, and I have added the top box, which also serves as a backrest for Ada when she comes with me. This is the first new motorcycle I have purchased in many years, even though I had always sworn to only purchase used machines.

Truthfully, I like the old KLR650 better, especially if I am going on a trip. It just sits better and allows for a more upright seating position. If I can ever modify the 700 to match the KLR's comfort, I will keep it for much longer than the 2 years that I average for motorcycle ownership. Right now I am adding some super bright LED's to share turn signal duty with the stock lights, which are very hard to see during the daytime. I hate going down the road for miles with my turn signal blinking and vowed to do whatever I could to fix this problem. On the KLR I had the same problem, but instead of brighter lights I installed some buzzers that, at least when I am not going road speeds, I can hear them and know to cancel the lights.

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