Monday, July 6, 2009

Packing it in - By Kevin

What a week it’s been. We’ve had the parties. We’ve said our goodbyes. We’ve packed and re-packed to make things fit. Now…it’s time for Larry to haul all my things to Alaska!

Maybe I was overly optimistic when I thought three cases and a duffle bag would fit all my gear. Actually it kind of does. What it doesn’t include is any tools, emergency supplies or spare parts! Larry is the “support crew”; the one who has unintentionally inherited the role as our pack mule for the trip. The poor guy has packed, shuffled, stuffed and re-packed more times than I can count. I’d ask him for a couple of spare bolts. They’re buried somewhere beneath his luggage rack. I think he’d kill me.

Ultimately, we’ve gotten everything to fit and I’ve learned that sometimes less is not more. A few months back I told Larry that I’d have plenty of room to haul some of our extra supplies. How wrong I was. But I’m still confident he won’t leave me stranded. After all, we’re family! …plus, I have his computer in my side case.

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  1. Watching from sunny Florida, Good Luck guys! Our prayers are with you, keep us updated! Georgette and Evelyn