Saturday, July 18, 2009

We Made It!

Hi….Larry writing this time. Not that I feel like it. I am just worn down from a 400+ mile day yesterday from Teslin Lake, Yukon Territory to Tok, Alaska. Yes, we finally made it and got our picture taken at the border signs. I was really glad to get out of Canada…not that I have anything against Canada (they are very friendly people), but 9 days of traveling through a country when you have another country for a destination, it seems a little much. The bikes again ran good, with the only breakdown being my speedometer cable came unplugged and I lost some mileage on the odometer. I will pick up what I missed from Kevin’s and just add it to mine.

Right now we are drinking coffee and trying to decide where to ride to on our way to Anchorage, where we will stay with a man we met through the internet motorcycle group. The scenery has changed from rolling hills to mountains with even some snow still on the peaks. The Alaska roads are a big improvement over the Yukon with its construction and dusty conditions but the car and camper drivers still drive like Mario Andretti.

So, Kevin has some pictures from yesterday to post, so I will now enjoy my coffee and let him do his thing.

Photos - Flickr


  1. Way to go Larry and Kevin. Love all of your photos. Watch out for those Russians!!!

  2. Nice going guys,Ijust wish that i had gone with you.

  3. Glad to see you guys made it in one piece!
    (I have to post this under Kelly's acct. b/c it doesn't have any other options)

  4. Larry,

    Could you tell me what windshield you are using on your 2008? I had a 99 KLR for many years, and I'm thinking about getting a 2009. Always had a tall shield on it, and the one you have looks good.

    Have a great trip!


  5. Ralph,

    Kevin here - the windshield on the 2008 KLR is the sport-touring version from Zero Gravity. Their website is

  6. Thanks! I thought it looked like the Zero Gravity one.