Wednesday, July 8, 2009

Progress Report - By Laurie

After two days of travel it's clear that our vision of near-daily blog updates was unrealistic. I should have expected that my motorcycle-crazed husband and father would want nothing more than to ride all day and to sleep all night!

In their defense, I must admit that I witnessed the packing (cramming) process...I can fully understand them lacking the energy to dig out the laptop during a wi-fi pit stop to post an update.

Since Kevin conveniently is still logged into this blog from our home computer, I am now conveniently taking temporary responsibility as your host! Along those lines please check out this Google map I've created to chart their progress each day. Click the blue pins for a few tid-bits to whet your appetite...but I'll let my Dad and Kevin tell you all the juicy details when they're back online.

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